Storage Tips

  • Map out your storage space and plan ahead by putting frequently used items where they are easily accessed.
  • Cover up and protect your valuables such as furniture and mattresses.
  • Store items in vertical positions. Stack towards the ceiling and store items from heaviest to lightest.
  • Optimize the space by disassembling furniture and stacking chairs seat to seat. Store screws and bolts in plastic bags and attach to furniture they belong to.
  • Use every space for storage. Use refrigerator and other appliances to store your linens, books, CD’s. Leave doors open for ventilation.
  • Label Everything!! Mark every box with the contents and keep a written inventory as you pack.
  • Use the right boxes when packing. Larger boxes for lighter items (linens, pillows, lamps) and smaller boxes for heavier items (books, albums, CD’s). Don’t over pack boxes and make them too heavy to lift.
  • Use proper packing materials. Take care of valuables by using good packing materials such as packing paper and bubble wrap.
  • Avoid tossing items in garbage bags. Mark all boxes “This side up” to avoid breakage.
  • Tape up your boxes. Make sure you secure your boxes with proper packing tape.
  • Use a wardrobe box to hang clothing, drapes, and other large fabric pieces.
  • If storing gas-powered items, prevent toxic fumes by draining fuel tanks before storing.