Unit Information

Dimensions Square Feet Example of Items that can be Stored
7x10 70 sq ft Contents of a efficiency apartment, mattress set, small appliances,bicycles, seasonal items, approximately 150 file boxes
61/2 x15 97.5 sq ft Items from a 1 bedroom apartment, washer/dryer, patio furniture,mattress set, small furniture, approximately 200 file boxes
10x15 150 sq ft The furnishings of a 1-2 bedroom apartment, house appliances, yard items, tools and boxes of personal belongings, approx. 300 file boxes
300 sq ft
The furnishings of a 4-5 bedroom house, major appliances, yard equipment, large tools, business files or inventory
12x30 360 sq ft Large home furnishings, business inventory, lawn equipment, kayak, canoe, sporting equipment, trailer
24x30 720 sq ft Business inventory, trailer, small boat, major appliances